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Premier Wheel Cleaner (16 oz.)

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Premier Wheel Cleaner (16 oz.)

Level up your wheel cleaning routine with Wax Gods Premier Wheel Cleaner. This proprietary formula is the best wheel cleaner for removing brake dust without harsh acids or heavy solvents. This powerful high-foaming product safely lifts dirt and other debris from the wheels without damaging nearby paint. Simply wipe with a microfiber towel for an incredible shine and fearless cleaning. 

 Features & Benefits:

• eliminates brake dust, dirt build up, and other contaminants from wheels
• safe for any wheel type or color
• leaves behind a high-gloss finish
• cherry fragrance
How To Use:
1. Make sure wheels are cool to the touch (Do not use immediately after driving)
2. Spray directly onto wheel and let penetrate for 30-45 seconds.
3. To clean the inside of the wheels, aggitate the surface with a safe wheel brush.
4. Wipe clean with a microfiber towel.


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Sonny Hernandez
Wheel cleaner

I really love the results my wheels came out sparkling. The only bad thing was my brakes starting making noises. It stopped the next day so I know it was just wet discs.

David Rye
It’s Pink Gold!

This is my second order from Wax Gods. I’ve tried several other wheel cleaners from different companies. The Premier Wheel Cleaner is the best one to keep the black wheels on my 2020 Corvette an eye catcher. I especially like the fact that I can use the wheel cleaner as a spray on and wipe off and the wheels come out perfect.

Evelyn Mullins

Premier Wheel Cleaner (16 oz.)

Malcolm Clarke
Amazing product

Sprayed on, let it sit and washed off. Wheels looked amazing

james l remaly
The best

Very easy to use does fantastic job wheels shine

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