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Waterless Wash + Wax (16 oz.)

Product image 1Waterless Wash + Wax (16 oz.)
Product image 2Waterless Wash + Wax (16 oz.)
Product image 3Waterless Wash + Wax (16 oz.)

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Waterless Wash + Wax (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Waterless Wash and Wax is the quickest and most convenient way to detail your vehicle's exterior. Using surfactants that lift dirt from the surface of your vehicle, combined with polymers and carnauba wax for added protection and shine, your vehicle's surface will be left with a protected, hydrophobic, and high gloss finish that lasts for weeks. 

Features & Benefits:
• UV balanced formula
• Formulated with high-grade carnauba
• Easy to apply
• Leaves behind a protected, hydrophobic finish
• Ocean-Breeze fragrance

How To Use:

1. Shake bottle well.
2. Apply in shade or on a cool surface.
3. Gently spread the product around using a microfiber towel, working one panel at a time.
4. Quickly use a second microfiber towel and buff off remaining residue.


Is it safe to use this product on the entire exterior of my car?

We designed this product to clean and protect most exterior surfaces. This includes paint, windows, wheels, headlights, and trim.

What is the difference between this and a detail spray?

The main difference between this product and a detail spray is that this product contains carnauba wax for added gloss, slickness, and protection.

How many cars will it clean?

One 16 oz. bottle of our waterless wash and wax will last approximately 5-6 mid sized sedans.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

Perfect product I live in Az and when it’s the summer time and 100+ it’s sometimes almost impossible to wash a car except for at night. However with the waterless wash if my car isn’t super dirty I can clean in it in my garage and now worry about water spots. Leaves an amazing shine afterwards by far my go to waterless wash always a good idea to keep a bottle on hand never know when you’ll need it.


Great products and customer service


Found my go to for my car cleaning products well worth the money


i have yet tried the waterless wash and wax because of the rain yet the wheel cleaner is absolutely amazing!

Easy to use, great results

I use this primarily on my 1967 mustang, it’s my weekend car so it never really gets super dirty, and being an old car, it has a tendency to get water in places you really don’t want water to sit. Sooooo, the waterless spray is awesome for getting the dust, finger prints and light dirt off the car. It even works well on bird poop. I usually follow it up within carnauba spray wax and man it make that old paint look amazing. Great stuff.

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