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Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)

Product image 1Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)
Product image 2Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)
Product image 3Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)
Product image 4Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)
Product image 5Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)
Product image 6Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)

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Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Carnauba Spray Wax is a quick and effective way to wax your vehicles surface without going through the hassle of an ordinary paste wax. This spray wax is enriched with real carnauba wax, added polymer agents, & beeswax.

Features & Benefits:

• hydrophobic and streak-free formula

• Can add over existing coating
• Extreme Gloss & Shine
• Enriched with real carnauba, beeswax, and added polymers.

1. Shake thoroughly.
2. In a shaded or cool area, spray product directly onto surface.
3. Quickly spread the product evenly, using microfiber towels.
4. Simply flip the microfiber over or use a new microfiber to buff off remaining wax.


How long does the carnauba spray wax last on the vehicle?

We designed this product to keep your vehicle protected for 2-3 months along with regular washes in between.

Does this product leave behind streak marks?

Our carnauba spray wax comes off much easier than your typical paste wax. Using clean microfiber towels, you should never see streak marks after applying.

How long will one bottle last?

Less is more when applying our carnauba spray wax. One bottle will typically last 4-5 standard sedans. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Great stuff!!

Quick, easy and a superb shine. 👍


I liked the product I would say it is about the same as products I am already using.i am looking for at present that gives high gloss and make black paint pop.

Fantastic product

The Carnauba Spray Wax is great. Not just for your car but it works GREAT on your windows as well. Not just your car windows but your Dow’s on the house. I use the wax on my whole house. It lasts a long time so I don’t have to do the high one so often. Great Product Wax Gods.

Best spray wax on the market.

Best spray wax you’ll use. So simple to use on wipe off can’t really get any easier than that. Plus it smells good and gives a really good gloss and slick feel.

Amazing Wax!

I tried this wax for the very first time and was in love how easy it was to use. Left my car looking like glass and smooth as butter. Couldn’t be any happier thank you so much!

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