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Si02 Ceramic Detail Spray (16 oz.)

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Ceramic Detail Spray (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Ceramic Detail Spray is the perfect combination of protection and shine. Our ceramic detail spray is formulated using advanced polymers and Si02, creating an incredible chemical bond to your paint. This product is designed to replace conventional waxes or sealants. It may also be used to maintain a vehicle that already has a ceramic coating. Our ceramic detail spray protects from surface oxidation, UV rays, acid rain, or other environmental sources. Just spray, wipe, and admire away.

Features & Benefits:
• Easy spray, wipe, and buff application
• Superior durability compared to conventional waxes or sealants
• Protects from UV rays, acid rain, and other enviromental contaminants
• Produces incredible shine and water beading action
• Safe for paint, wheels, plastic, rubber, and chrome

How To Use:

1. Wash and dry car.
2. Shake bottle and spray onto 2'x2' section.
3. Using a microfiber towel, wipe product into the finish.
4. Flip towel to clean, dry side, or use a separate towel and buff to shine.


Is it safe to use this product on the entire exterior of my car?

This product is safe on almost every exterior surface. It is tested to be safe on paint, wheels, plastic, rubber, and chrome surfaces. 

What is the difference between this and a detail spray?

The main difference between this product our original detail spray is that this product contains a Si02 ceramic compound that adds long lasting protection and water beading properties. 

How many cars will it clean?

One 16 oz. bottle of our ceramic detail spray will last approximately 4-5 mid sized sedans.

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Javi Gallardo
Long time user

Great product and also the best customer service

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