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Waterless Wash + Wax

Product image 1Waterless Wash + Wax
Product image 2Waterless Wash + Wax

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Waterless Wash + Wax (16 oz.)

If you attend a lot of car shows, live in a cold winter area or an apartment complex, you probably look for a product that you can use anywhere at anytime. Our waterless wash + wax is the perfect combination of contaminant lifting agents and real carnauba wax for the perfect scratch-free finish.

Features & Benefits:
• UV balanced formula
• Formulated with high-grade carnauba
• Easy to apply
• Leaves behind a protected, hydrophobic finish
• Ocean-Breeze fragrance

How To Use:

1. Shake bottle well.
2. Apply in shade or on a cool surface.
3. Gently spread the product around using a microfiber towel, working one panel at a time.
4. Quickly use a second microfiber towel and buff off remaining residue.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

The waterless wash & wax works wonders. Nothing bothers me more than washing my car before a meet and when I get there, my car is covered in bugs and dirt from the drive to the meet. Obviously everyone wants a clean car at a car show, and this is the way to do it. I'll never go to another car show without a bottle of the waterless wash & wax

Great product for a touch up wash!

Worked great my Jeep was fairly dirty from every day road use. Looks great!


Love the product.

Very much worth a try

I've used quick detailers for months trying multiple popular brands, but none of them feel as efficient and amazing as this one. I run the Instagram @zorbii, so you can look me up, this isn't a fake review. It's become regular now for me to wipe down my entire car with waterless wash and wax instead of going to the car wash. THIS IS AMAZING

Great Product

Product exceeded expectations. Would buy again.

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