WaxGods Ultimate Exterior Kit

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Wax Gods Ultimate Exterior Kit is comprised of everything you need to wash and maintain your vehicle's exterior.


Whats Included:


1. Premium 16' x 16' Microfiber Towels (Pack of 2)


2. Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt


3. Round Microfiber Applicator Pad


4. Super-Suds Car Soap (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Super Suds Car Soap was made for any enthusiast or professional detailer looking to get the most out of their car shampoo without removing any previously applied waxes or sealants. This proprietary eco-friendly formula combines powerful plant-based cleaning agents which safely clean dirt, dust, bugs and grime from your vehicle’s surface, leaving a glossy, streak-free finish every time.


5.Carnauba Spray Wax (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Carnauba Spray Wax is a quick and effective way to wax your vehicles surface without going through the hassle of an ordinary paste wax. This spray wax is enriched with plenty of carnauba wax to ensure protection. We’ve also added our polymer emulsion technology combined with beeswax for added shine.


6. Tire Dressing (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Tire Dressing conditions and protects your tires in one easy step. Using a unique water-based blend of emollients and waxes, our tire dressing deeply penetrates beneath the rubber surface, giving tires a non-greasy and sling-resistant coating. Simply squeeze a dab of Tire Dressing onto an applicator pad and spread evenly around the tir




7. Final Touch Polish + Wax (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Final Touch Polish & Wax makes the final steps in the exterior detailing process a breeze! This product was designed to remove light to moderate swirl marks, water spots, scratches, and other imperfections from the paint while providing long lasting superior shine and protection.


8. Premier Wheel Cleaner (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Premier Wheel Cleaner uses a high-sudsing formula enriched with non-harmful chemicals that are not only safe for your car, but also your skin. For the fastest removal of brake dust and other debris, there is no better option.


9. Waterless Wash + Wax (16 oz.)

Wax Gods Waterless Wash & Wax is the quickest and most convenient way to detail your car’s exterior.  Using surfactants that lift dirt from the surface of your vehicle, combined with polymers and carnauba wax for added protection and shine, your vehicle’s surface will be left with a protected, hydrophobic, and high gloss finish that lasts for weeks!


10. Tire Dressing Applicator

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